Business journey

Check out our timeline trading since 1997!

Who knew that when I first started wearing one of our powerful magnets on my wrist, I would end up starting a business selling them and still be running two decades later!

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Whilst living in Cornwall, one of my good friends was raving about these 'magnets you wear on your wrist'. As a sceptic and to proove it was a load of nonsence, I bought one not expecting to see any difference... How wrong was I!

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Ecoflow no longer MLM so I became an independent direct seller and at the time was intending to retail various tried and tested 'eco' products, hence why by I have a facebook page called 'Nikki's Eco Products'

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Stopped doing so many of the big agricultural shows as had a young family so created my own website through trial and error and for many years, used the domain name so if ever I email you, it may well be from this address!

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I received my Certificate of Achievement at the end of 2018 and during 2019, new social media accounts where created to streamline the brand. We have a lovely new spruced up logo to go with it!